When she got to me, she was the picture of calm composure. A new person coming into the birthing space can be stressful, but with Maura I almost didn’t notice when she arrived.
— Chelsea, first time mother
Right away, she made us feel comfortable and excited that things were going smoothly. I could have NEVER done 40 hours of natural labor without her- I really couldn’t have.
— Heather, first time mother
Maura was so calm, collected, and VERY educated. Her medical background was a plus...One of my best memories of that day was laboring in the tub with the sweet smells of aromatherapy, along with Maura & my family who never left my side.
— Leah, first time mother
She also provided support for my husband - this man was initially skeptical about having a doula & now talks with pregnant couples he knows about how important it is to have a doula, & then promptly provides them with Maura’s contact info.
— Nicole, first time mother
Having your first child is an experience that’s very difficult to fully prepare for. Having Maura along for the ride gave us a huge amount of confidence, knowing that she’d be able to answer whatever questions may arise.
— Steve, first time father
When we showed up for our 40 week appointment...we discovered that our daughter was breech which meant we were headed towards a c-section. Immediately my husband was talking and texting with Maura who walked us through all our options and the evidence behind each choice. As I wiped away my tears, Maura’s guidance put me back into the driver’s seat to make decisions about our care.
— Katherine, first time mother