Chicago-area BirtH Doula Support


Chicago-area BirtH Doula Support

What birth doula support means

You and your partner will feel supported and respected throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

You and your partner will receive individualized attention and care.

You will know that your doula is committed to you and your partner having a positive, satisfying birth experience.

You will receive the information you desire--from anecdotal experience to evidence based studies--when you desire it.

You will feel less anxious about your birth experience knowing that your doula is just a phone call away, day and night.

You will rest assured that your doula and provider will work as a team with your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as the health of your baby, in mind.

I left medical school because I was frustrated with the model of care--one that was largely based on volume, geared toward illness, and provided limited support for the normal physiology of childbirth.  As a birth doula, registered nurse, and student midwife, I'm here to help you discover your options, have satisfying relationships and discussions with your doctor or midwife, and prepare you for the unknowns of pregnancy, childbirth, and thereafter.  I strike a delicate balance between preserving the normalcy of pregnancy and birth, prioritizing your wishes for the experience, and supporting both the expected and unexpected.

She encouraged me in ways that my husband could not. She was able to provide support when my husband didn’t know what to do. She stayed up with me, when my husband needed to get a bite to eat or a little bit of rest.
— Kim, first time mother
She just seemed to have this way of fitting in and being exactly what we needed her to be at the time, even though we ourselves didn’t know what that was.
— Sam, second time mother