I fractured my foot back in October and it STILL hasn't healed.  I've been in and out of a walking boot for 6 months.  And this thing is SO. NOT. ME.  I've been running consistently for about 13 years (since middle school!), ran a marathon during my pregnancy, and spent many an morning or afternoon running my baby to sleep in the jogging stroller.  Needless to say, the lack of physical activity has been a mental and emotional challenge--kind of like giving birth.

Given that this thing should have healed ages ago, I am now being pretty closely followed by a podiatrist, but let me tell you, I wish there was a foot doula.  It has been so challenging navigating evidence-based practice in an area that is way out of my expertise.  When the podiatrist threw a bunch of options at me, including surgery, I was completely overwhelmed.  I honestly had no idea what to do--except to get input from the doctor, do my own research, and hope we could come to a mutual conclusion.  And we did!  I'm now consistently wearing my walking boot (I'll admit I was a little overconfident about not needing it before, plus I was not allowed to wear it to nursing clinical where of course I was on my feet most of the day).  I am using a bone stimulator, and of course I am pursuing alternative medicine too, including weekly acupuncture, herbs for fracture healing, and eventually some visits to the chiropractor once I am out of the boot to correct how uneven it has made my hips and back.

It got me thinking about how similar it all is to labor.  I have this idea in my head about what I want (the fracture to heal rapidly so I can get back to running) but it's just not happening that way.  It's taking much longer than I anticipated, and I am frustrated because this isn't the way it's supposed to be.  I always believed in my body and my health, and lately I've been feeling a little self-doubt.  What I have been trying to remind myself is that my body really DOES have the ability to heal itself, just like women have the ability to birth their babies, but for whatever reason, it's taking it's time getting this job done.  Although getting X-rays every few weeks, using a bone stimulator, and wearing a walking boot were not originally my choices of therapy, I've been relieved to have a little help from Western Medicine.  Kind of like needing a little pitocin or a few hours of an epidural to have a baby.  I'm hoping this course of healing won't end surgically, but if it does, I'll know that I gave it patience, trust, and all of the resources I had.