It's a hot topic of discussion lately.  Where should your placenta be prepared?

I could list for you the benefits and risk for each choice.  I could tell you about my sanitization process.  I could tell you about how you could choose a placenta encapsulation specialist who does it the way you want it (both in terms of location and method).  I could go into depth about safety.  I could make charts, diagrams, bulleted lists, and really spell this out.

But I don't need to.  

It's not about all that.

What I want for my clients is choices.  Respect for their choices, no matter what those choices are.  No paternalism, no fear mongering surrounding those choices. And if they want information from me to help them make a choice, I'm happy to provide that too.  See the first two blog posts in this series: 5 Reasons to Eat Your Placenta and Eating Your Placenta: The How.

I cannot earnestly tell my clients that I support their right to birth wherever they want, with whoever they want, in whatever way they want, and then turn around and tell them that I will only prepare their placenta in one specific location, and I will only prepare their placenta in one specific way.  I cannot, as a soon-to-be (three weeks!) nurse and future midwife, believe in informed consent, but not allow my clients access to that right.

I am a professional, and that means that I have a skill set that is adaptable and flexible.  I don't need a specific location to prepare a placenta right, to know it is indeed going back to the client it came from, to assure them that blood borne pathogen precautions have been followed and the placenta is safe for consumption and long term storage. I will continue to offer my clients the option of where they want their placenta to be prepared, and I will continue to offer them a choice of Traditional Chinese Medicine method or Raw Method.  

If you don't know your choices, you don't have any.

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